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500ML 1.5L

Carton Dimensions: 500ml: 12.2*9.84*8.27 inches; 1500ml: 13.39*10.04*12.28 inches

Net weight: 500ml: 10KG/carton; 1500ml: 18KG/carton

Gross weight: 500ml:11.4KG/carton; 1500ml: 20KG/carton

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Aloe vera is native to the Mediterranean and Africa. It is the herbs perennial herb, more meat plants. According to research, wild aloe varieties have more than 300 kinds, and they are mainly in Africa and other places.

The leaves of aloe have more than 200 compounds, including 20 kinds of minerals, 18 kinds of amino acids, 12 kinds of vitamins and other different nutrients, including a variety of mucopolysaccharides, fatty acids, anthraquinones and flavonoids Class compounds, sugars, active enzymes and so on. Anthraquinone, is also known as Anthraquinone complex (Anthraquinone complex), a disinfectant effect, mainly in the juice.

Drinking aloe vera juice every day is good for your health.


Houssy Aloe Vera Farms:More than 20,000 hectares;Natural aloe farms surrounded by beautiful mountains,far away from cities and pollution;Organic aloe Vera farms certificated by:ECOCERT(Europe Organic) and USDA(USA Organic).

Stay healthy

our healthy body is alkaline,we often eat aloe products,then we can keep our body healthy Oh,and we eatenough aloe products every day can help us reduce our body for the absorption of fat.


Lose weight

Aloe vera water rich in dietary fiber,after entering the human intestinal tract will stimulate gastrointestinal motility,promote the body detoxification defecation,to achieve the purpose of weight loss.


Beauty skin care

Fresh aloe vera contains aloe glycosides,can become a skin sunscreen,other ingredients such as a variety of sugars,amino acids,active enzymes,aloe emodin,the human skin has a good moisturizing effect.


Hair grows

Organic Aloe Vera is used to heal hair conditions such as dandruff, keeps hair conditioned,preserves PH balance of the scalo,and helps with hair growth.


Protect the intestine

Aloe is rich in the body of the prebiotics,prebiotics can be added to the intestinal probiotics "food" to activate and proliferate the probiotics in the body to promote micro-ecological balance,improve health.



Aloe hypertrophy leaves are rich in adhesive liquid,which has the effect of preventing and treating ulcers,promoting wound healing,stimulating cell growth and hemostasis,and is a natural presevative and humectant.


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